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Visiting Książ:
A Learning Experience

at the Castle

(visiting may take place up to one hour after the closing of the ticket office)

We warmly invite pupils and their teachers to enjoy the special atmosphere of classes in the castle chambers. Each class consists of two modules:

I. A talk and presentation
II. Castle visit


Duration of the class, including the guided visit of the castle: from 60 up to 90 minutes.

Educational classes at Książ Castle take place everyday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Classes may be reserved everyday by telephone, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by e-mail. If a reserved class is to be cancelled, we ask to be informed at once.

The maximum group size for these classes may not exceed 50 people.


1. Pre-school and Primary Groups (Grades 1 to 3)

A walk through the castle

This class, tailored especially for children of pre-school age and the lower grades of primary school, takes young visitors to the times when powerful dynasties ruled Silesia and their trusted knights were in charge of the castle. The story of Książ is presented in an unusually interesting way, drawing young learners closer to the tales of the castle’s remarkable history: from its beginnings, to the rule of its final owners, before the war – the defiant Princess Daisy and her husband, Hans Heinrich XV. During the first part of the class, children will be acquainted with the legend of how Książ first arose, and learn of the principles of the code of knightly conduct. They will also be informed  of the daily life of the castle’s residents. To awaken the active interest of young learners, the history of Książ is illustrated by a display of archival photographs.

After the presentation has finished, pupils go on to tour the building, and so the castle class involves more than listening to stories about history: they also truly experience it, living on in today’s world.  During the tour, the children may actively explore places  associated with the castle’s everyday life in former times.

2. Upper primary school (Grades 4 to 6), middle schools and secondary schools

VARIANT 1: Past lives at Książ Castle

During the class, pupils get to know of Książ’s stormy history, from its beginnings to modern times; classes for middle and secondary school pupils focus less on the knightly aspects of the castle’s origins, featuring rather what occurred when it was under aristocratic domain. To spark young travellers’ interest in Książ and Silesia from the 16th to the 20th centuries, there is a presentation of the colourful lives of the Hochbergs, the dynasty that owned the castle for many years, and in particular Princess Daisy, the castle’s last mistress. Each class is enhanced by a presentation of rare archival photographs, mainly involving former residents of the castle. Pupils will see unique photographs from the beginning of the 20th century: not only of members of the Hochberg dynasty, but also of castle workers such as cooks, valets and maids. Young visitors will also learn of the history of the expansion of Książ, and of attractive places in the area of the castle: among others, the ruins of Old Książ, the stud farm, the mausoleum and the Palm House.

The class is enriched by a tour of the castle, during which pupils may view its most interesting places. With such a well-developed programme of activities, learning becomes fun, and getting acquainted with culture and history becomes a wonderful adventure.

VARIANT  2: Secrets of the Second World War – the Riese Complex

The content of this lesson involves one of the greatest war riddles of Lower Silesia: the secret construction project code-named “Riese” (“Giant”), carried out in the Sowa Mountains and near Książ Castle from 1943 to 1945. Here underground tunnels were dug under the castle; one hears about these tunnels more and more today. The class plan is intended to enrich pupils’  awareness of the history of the castle and of Silesia during World War II. The first part of the class consists of a talk and a presentation of archival photographs. These will help the learners get to know what may be true, and what is mythical, about the “Riese” plan.

A tour of the castle follows the presentation, with particular emphasis on the reconstruction that took place during the Second World War. At the end of the tour, visitors may enter an underground tunnel, dug 15 metres deep under the castle from  1944 to 1945, by prisoners at the Fürstenstein work camp.

Książ Fairy-Tale Route

The Książ Fairy-Tale Route, especially for primary school groups, is arranged as a journey through the castle. This tour provides an interesting way of carrying out some  basic parts of the school programmes in Polish language and history, as well as in education about the region. 


Tour time: 90 minutes.

The service requires prior arrangement, by telephone.

The minimum number of tour participants is 15.


1. Primary School (Grades 1 to 3)

“ The Książ Fairy-Tale Route”

As they move through the castle, children will learn about Książ’s legends, including stories of dragons, heroic fairy tales and accounts involving the animals hidden on the castle ceilings and in its emblems. Under the spell of these remarkable tales, Książ’s wonderful setting is transformed into a true land of make-believe. During the visit, the youngest travelers will view the most beautiful Baroque castle rooms, as well as places where the legends of Książ have come alive and left their mark.


2. Primary School (Grades 4 to 6)

"Fearless Hercules, beautiful Diana: famous and lesser-known stories from mythology”

During the visit, pupils will learn about the mythical heroes featured in the castle sculptures and on its ceilings, and listen to wonderful stories from mythology. None other than Apollo, patron of the arts and god of beauty, and Diana, the goddess of the hunt, will be at the Honorary Courtyard to invite young guests to visit the castle. The Książ Fairy Tale Route for Grades 4 to 6 provides an exceptional opportunity for children to get acquainted with the wealth of Greek and Roman myths, full of remarkable metaphors and symbols. The tour is both great fun and a learning experience: to end it, there will be a contest.   

"Legendy książańskie" (Legends of Książ) - beautifully-illustrated publication for young visitors:

Enrich a journey along the Książ Fairy Tale Route! The “Legends of Książ” map, from the series “Dolny Śląsk dla Dzieci” (Lower Silesia for Children), is a fine souvenir and makes it possible for the youngest visitors to get to know the legends of Książ Castle, and become more familiar with using maps

The map (7 zł.) may  be obtained at the ticket office.


and Prices

Classes at the Castle 1

  • 10 zł / pupil2
  • 20 zł / pupil3

The Książ Fairy Tale Route 1

  • 22 zł / pupil

1 Payment for these services should be settled directly, on the day when they are provided, at the castle ticket office. Responsible adults who accompany the children during the activities are admitted free of chargé. This tickets do not include admission to the Walbrzych Palm House.

2 Price for pupils in schools in the Wałbrzych Aglomeration (22 Communities: Kamienna Góra – town, village Kamienna Góra, Lubawka, Nowa Ruda – city, gvillage Nowa Ruda, Radków, Świebodzice, Boguszów-Gorce, Szczawno-Zdrój, Czarny Bór, Głuszyca, Mieroszów, Walim, Wałbrzych, Jedlina-Zdrój, Stare Bogaczowice, town Świdnica, Jaworzyna Śląska, Strzegom, Żarów, Dobromierz, Marcinowice i village Świdnica).

3 Price for other schools.


for visiting


The Książ Castle-Park complex, as well as the Palm House, are facilities registered in the Register of Monuments and protected by law.
The owner of the Complex is the City of Wałbrzych. A municipal company, Spółka Zamek Książ w Wałbrzychu (referred to in this English version as Książ Castle in Wałbrzych Ltd., or “the Company”) carries out operations on its premises. The complex is part of the Książ Landscape Park.
The owner of the Palm House is the City of Wałbrzych. Spółka Zamek Książ w Wałbrzychu (Książ Castle in Wałbrzych Ltd.) manages the facility.

Internal Directive Nr. 06/2017 of the President of the Management Board, Zamek Książ Company Ltd. , dated 19 January, 2017, concerning the introduction of new Regulations for Visiting Książ Castle, as well as later Amendments

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