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The George Tower

The George Tower, the so-called small tower, is located in the secluded southeast part of the newly-modernized third floor. Like the Alexander Tower (the so-called large tower), it is circular and contains a custom-built circular table, ideally suited for a speaker to present from the middle of the room. The George Tower has space for up to 20 participants, and has been used especially for meetings with VIPs, commercial negotiations, prestigious training sessions and conferences which do not require a separate area for food and beverages (for example, an area for a coffee break).

In fine weather, one may rent the George Tower together with the Red Terrace, a small distance away, providing a most beautiful setting for banquets, luncheons or standing buffets. We can guarantee that such a combination will enchant even the most demanding guest.

The multi-media table in the tower is equipped with 230-volt power points for each of up to 20 participants, as well as a LAN socket (access to wired Internet). There is of course access to wireless internet in the whole tower area, as participants prefer. The speaker’s station provides for cordless control of two large panoramic mobile screens, allowing presenters to convey their material to each participant, from any point in the room.

In History: The George Tower is just next to the so-called Daisy Window, where the legendary princess would sit for hours and create wonderful pictures. For this reason, the views from the tower are considered to be particularly worthy of  a painting. The room likely owes its name to Daisy’s brother, George, who was a frequent guest. Today he is especially remembered for becoming Winston Churchill’s stepfather. So it comes as no surprise that the George Tower has come to be recognized in Kisąż as especially suited for significant business transactions and negotiations, prestigious conferences and so-called summit meetings, bringing together highly-placed people.

Surface area (m²) 49 m2

Room type

Conference Room
Training Room
VIP Meeting

Room Configuration

Tower 20 people

Room rate

First 5 hours 1500 PLN
Further hours 150 PLN

Management Division

Events management division

(Organization of Events/Services Offered)

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays), throughout the year

Przemysław Kuczyński

tel.: +48 74 66 43 829

Dariusz Tracz

tel.: +48 74 66 43 828