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By Night

An Evening Adventure

When night falls, demons awake. Are you ready to take your group on a remarkable descent to the castle depths, where phantoms and ghosts lurk? Will you all be brave enough to move forward, with the lights all out?

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the Castle by day

Discover the secrets of Książ Castle

Książ is one of the largest castles in Poland. This huge and beautifully situated architectural complex is exceptional on a European scale. Discover a place where Europe’s crowned heads met, where the von Hochberg dynasty’s aristocratic history is intertwined with the mysteries of the Second World War…

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of Książ

Let the joust begin!

Can you hear the clash of crossing swords, the cries of battle? The knights are coming closer to their former kingdom: Książ Castle! Enjoy this remarkable spectacle.

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Field archery competition: a tale of adventure!

Many scenarios are possible for Castle Games. We can take your group to a land of enchantment and monsters, where you confront the horrors of the castle. Together, we can fight for the throne of Książ, jousting against the scornfully defiant Raubritter bandit knights; or unearth the secrets of the Third Reich. Let your imagination decide!

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See history with your own eyes!

Allow our historical re-enactment group to re-create, before your very eyes, historical events full of sudden twists, accompanied by amazing pyrotechnic displays. We guarantee a breathtaking spectacle and a truly unforgettable experience – not to be missed!

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Bull’s Eye!

An archery match is a true “bull’s eye” for groups looking for excitement and great fun in the remarkable setting of the castle. May the best archer win!

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What about creating your own special attraction?

We would like your event to be unique, leaving an unforgettable impression. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the services we offer… let us help! We work with groups ranging from artists to knights and other lovers of historical re-enactment, and manage an exceptional facility with remarkable potential for any event. We can help you create a highlight that is truly special for you and your guests!

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