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Książ Castle
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Zamek Książ w Wałbrzychu Sp. z o.o.
(Książ Castle in Wałbrzych Ltd.)



Książ Castle is a huge architectural complex on a scale unique in Europe, situated on a rocky promontory deep in the forest. By virtue of its rich history and remarkable size, the building has been entered on the list of historic sites recognized by the National Heritage Institute, is found on the Piast Castles Trail, and to this day is an essential testimony to the events of the past. As a residential complex, Książ is recognized as the third-largest castle in Poland and the largest in Lower Silesia.

Since 1991, the facility has been managed by Zamek Książ in Wałbrzych, Ltd., whose founder and owner is the Gmina Wałbrzych (Wałbrzych local government). This company exists to provide security, day-to-day management and suitable maintenance for the Ksiąz castle and park complex, as well as other places of historic interest owned by the Gmina Wałbrzych. The company’s earnings are its sole source of financial support.

With a view to this, the company is constantly developing its services, so that they meet the expectations of visitors. The company makes it possible, above all, for individuals or organized groups to tour the castle. Książ is also known throughout the region as the setting of numerous cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, film screenings, historical reconstructions and galas. Film crews, drawn by the castle’s exquisite local landscapes, have also taken advantage of the castle’s services.

The company also can offer a range of business and banquet services. In the Castle there are also organized symposia, conferences, celebrations for special occasions, balls and formal dinners. Since December 2012, the castle has housed the Conference-Cultural Centre (hyperlink), which has been partly financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund.  At present, Książ can offer the use of over 25 fully equipped conference and banquet rooms, with space for up to 1,000 people.

Within the company, four divisions are involved in offering the facility’s services: Customer Service (day visits), the Marketing and Promotion Division (marketing and night visits), the Events Division (organization of special events), and the Cultural and Touristic Division (academic projects, publications, classes at the castle, and cultural exhibitions).

Since 2012, the management company has also been in charge of the Wałbrzych Palm House (hyperlink), situated about 1.5 kilometres from the castle. This is the only winter garden in Poland that has been maintained in its historic construction. Visitors to the Palm House may admire its wall made of volcanic tuff from Sicily, as well as its 250 species of plants from diverse climatic zones in various continents.

Company Authorities

Wałbrzych Local Government (Gmina Wałbrzych)

Supervisory Board
Sławomir Hunek

Robert Kurek

Hanna Świteńka

Chief Executive Officer
Anna Żabska



Company Mission 

Książ Castle in Wałbrzych Ltd., conscious of the historical and cultural heritage of the facility consisting of Książ Castle, the castle and park complex, as well as other places of historical interest within the borders of the Wałbrzych Community, has undertaken its work for many years according to the statute contained in the founding contract of the company: “Believing that it lies in the interest of the community of residents of the territory of Wałbrzych to take comprehensive care of the material testimonies to its historical heritage, a limited liability company has been created, whose mission will be to meet the needs of the Wałbrzych community in the areas of culture, tourism, and the protection of monuments;  to care for monuments to material and non-material culture which this community possesses; to make these monuments accessible to residents, as well as guests from elsewhere in the country and abroad; and to promote historical awareness and knowledge.”

Since 1991, we have proudly met these expectations!


of the Castle

The title of Patron of Książ Castle is the highest status that we confer. With the title, we offer a range of possibilities to present the Patron’s organization, to make use of the services of the Castle, and to take part in further activities related to culture, tourism and the protection of Poland’s heritage. 

With thanks for their support in helping the Castle complex to fulfill its mission, and for their help in the protection of our cultural heritage, the Chief Executive Officer of Książ Castle, Krzystof Urbański, has conferred the title of Honorary Patron 2015, to the following companies:




It is difficult to imagine a sweeter partner than Śnieżka-Invest Inc., an Honorary Patron of Książ Castle since 2012: one of the best-known producers of sweets, it has taken an active part in our projects. It is thanks to Śnieżka-Invest that we have been able, so generously, to provide a range of sweets to our youngest visitors during theatre presentations and other animated activities, Hallowe’en and such magical events as our Christmas presentation.

To celebrate our partnership agreement, the signing took place on the night of 2 to 3 March, 2012, thus immortalizing one of the first editions of the Książ By Night tour. We wanted first to frighten our guests from the media, so that we could then, by the light of candles and blazing fireplaces, light up the Maximilian Hall and enchant them with… a true chocolate fountain.

“We would like to join a small pearl, our well-known local sweets factory, to the huge pearl that is Książ Castle”, asserted the Chief Executive Officer of Książ Castle, Krzystof Urbański.

Our common magic has inspired a new product: Daisy Chocolates. With thanks to our partner, we are pleased to present a truly princely truffle candy, a couverture chocolate with a hint of peanut. The chocolate may be purchased online, at the castle ticket office, or at Książ Hotel.


The firm is known for Michałki sweets, one of the best-known confections. Despite traditions that go back many years, the company is always developing its product line. Recently “Owocowe graffiti” (“Fruit graffiti”) – natural fruit cubes in chocolate – appeared on the market, along with “Trufla z maczkiem” – rum-flavoured chocolate sweets, sprinkled with cocoa. Śnieżka is boldly experimenting with new tastes that will satisfy even the most fastidious palate. Many of its products may be purchased at the Książ ticket office – presented with our wishes that a visit to the castle may be a sweet pleasure.

Are sweets unhealthy? Too much sugar, not enough nourishment? Śnieżki’s new product, frozen yoghurt, gives the lie to this assumption. During the 24th Flowers and Art Festival, it was clear that ice cream has already gone out of fashion. Rather, our yoghurt – no preservatives, naturally sweetened and enriched with vitamins – was the true success. The date of its appearance in shops is the manufacturers’ sweet secret. For now, it will be worthwhile to haunt the Śnieżki-Invest company store in Świebodzice: you can read more at



It is thanks to our Patrons that we may undertake the organization of spectacular public performances and innovative projects, enhancing the image of the castle and our region. Support Książ Castle and our cultural, community and touristic initiatives: thanks to your organization’s help, we can do even more. Companies and institutions who are interested in the status of Patron of Książ Castle are kindly invited to contact our Marketing Division.   



Zamek Książ w Wałbrzychu Sp. z o.o.
(Książ Castle in Wałbrzych Ltd.)

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Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
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