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24 05 2019

Japan Event

Celebrate with us the 100th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. To mark the occasion, we have planned numerous attractions: the Oriental decoration of the Honorary Courtyard, a fashion show, workshops on calligraphy and the history of Bonsai trees, and a special tour – culminating in an evening sushi feast with a tea ceremony. On June 8, join us to discover the links between Ksiaz Castle and the Land of the Cherry Blossom!
What we’ve planned:

Honorary Courtyard (free admission):
12 noon to 3 p.m.: Meeting with a geisha, 12 noon to 3 p.m. If you plan to visit the Castle, you can look forward to meeting a geisha as she strolls in the Courtyard. Admire her remarkable costume, and capture the moment by having your picture taken with her!
2 – 3 p.m.: Fashion show, featuring designs by Usaburo Sato, with live music. This is our special feature: prepare to view the creations of Usaburo Sato, one of today’s greatest Japanese fashion designers, whose activity spans three continents. Traditional music from the Land of the Cherry Blossom, with elements of dance, will accompany the event.
3 – 3.0 p.m.  – The world of Bonsai: A famous Bonsai artist from Poland, Piotr Czerniachowski, has prepared a wonderful exhibition of Bonsai trees in the Castle courtyard, and will talk about them to our guests. What is the philosophy of miniature trees? Why are they loved not only in Japan, but throughout much of Asia? We’ll learn about this on June 8 at Ksiaz Castle.

Inside the Castle (free admission; registration required):
Calligraphy workshops: 11 a.m., 12.30 p.m., 3 p.m.
Get to know the techniques of this artistic and meticulous script, involving patience and unusual characters. Specialists from the BWA Art Gallery in Wałbrzych will introduce you to the secrets of this fascinating craft. We welcome everyone over 9 years of age to this hour-long event.

Registrations must be made by e-mail:,
The number of places in each group is limited!

Children’s origami workshops: 11 a.m., 12.30 p.m., 3 p.m.
Although the art of artistic paper folding was first practised in China, it first experienced marked development in Japan. We invite our youngest visitors to stretch their imagination, creating something as though out of nothing: difficult to imagine a more constructive activity! We welcome children to this 60-minute workshop.
Registrations must be made by e-mail at: 
The number of places in each group is limited!

Further attractions (fee charged): 

Japan at Książ: Special Visit ----  Mateusz Myktyszyn will take visitors along a specially prepared route through the Castle, presenting not only the fascinating history of the Hochberg dynasty, but also the story of the Hochbergs’ connections with Japan, and with the Orient in general. Visitors will learn especially about Count Fritz Hochberg, who travelled to Japan in the early 20th century as a diplomat, and whose accomplishments include the creation of Japanese gardens in Wroclaw, Iłowa and the Wałbrzych Palm House. This is an opportunity to hear Mateusz Myktyszyn share his extensive knowledge of the Hochbergs, the family who were masters of the Castle for almost 400 years. He will be pleased to take all of your questions.
Hours: 10.30 am, 3 pm
Visit time:
about 90 minutes
Ticket price: 35 zl., regular ticket; 25 zl. reduced-price ticket
Ticket purchase: Tickets may be purchased by visiting the Internet sales service at or at the ticket office during the Castle’s regular opening hours.
The number of places in each group is limited!

Sushi feast with a tea ceremony – For the first time at Ksiaz, we will experience a true culinary visit to the Land of the Cherry Blossom. Japanese cuisine is known as one of the world’s healthiest. Savour its delights at an exceptional time and place. Japanese dishes are based mainly on several ingredients, which are always of the best quality: fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Discover what makes Japanese cuisine distinctive: spices such as wasabi, ginger, rice vinegar, and mirin (a sweet cooking wine); sauces such as shoyu and tamari; and gomashio, a condiment made of black sesame seeds and salt.
Japanese cuisine presents not only a wealth of flavours, but also unusual philosophy. The evening will be enriched, in particular, by the tea ceremony, which will be accompanied by Japanese music and take place in the company of our Japanese guests. A night to remember!
Time: 3 hours. The number of places is limited!
Ticket prices: 180 zl/single ticket, 330 zl/two-person ticket.
Ticket purchase: Tickets may be purchased by visiting the Internet sales service at or at the ticket office during the Castle’s regular opening hours.
The number of places in each group is limited!
Event catering: MAMYTO Sushi

We express special thanks to the event’s sponsors: the Walbrzych production site of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland and NSK Steering System Europe (Poland).