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Aloë arborescens

English name: Candleabra aloe

Latin name: Aloë arborescens

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae - Xanthorrhoeaceae

Origin: Southeastern Africa

This is a bushy, succulent plant. Its branched, woody stem reaches 2 to 3 metres in height and ends in grey-green leaves armed with bright spikes. The aloe blooms in the colder months (in the southern hemisphere, from May to July), forming magnificent inflorescences with flowers coloured a deep orange.

This species is often cultivated as a decorative plant. It also has a medicinal use. The pulp of the aloe leaf may be used to relieve pain following injuries, abrasions or skin contusions, and in drugs which have the character of bio-stimulators. Aloe is also used in wines that may help treat rheumatism, as well as duodenal and gastric ulcers. It is also said to improve the human body’s resistance to various diseases.

Aloë arborescens