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Aloë variegata

English name: Tiger aloe

Latin name: Aloë variegata

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae - Xanthorrhoeaceae

Origin: Republic of South Africa, Namibia

The natural environment of the tiger aloe is the dry, rocky land near the African coast. Normally it grows among rocks or bushes that protect it from the burning rays of the sun. The plant grows to a height of between 20 or 30 cm., and produces 18 to 24 leaves, arranged regularly and almost diametrically opposite on the shoot. The leaves have a dark green colour, with white edges and numerous white speckles on their surfaces. Aloes reach maturity in three to seven years, when they produce a flowering raceme 20 to 30 cm. long. The orange-coloured flowers are produced in clusters of up to a dozen or even more. In its native habitat, the tiger aloes blooms from July to September.

Aloë variegata