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Aspidistra elatior

English name: Variegated bar-room plant

Latin name: Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata’

Family: Asparagus - Asparagaceae

Origin: Under cultivation at the Palm House

The aspidistra is a perennial rhizome with fleshy, dark-green and sharply-pointed leaves, growing up to 60 cm. in length.  The leaves of the cultivated Variegata variety have a creamy-white and irregular colouring in the form of long stripes. The flower is inconspicuous and grows singly from a short stalk just above the ground surface.  Its red-brown or purple-brown perianth  is bell-shaped with eight stamens and one pistil. Its fruit is a berry.

In Poland and other countries in the temperate zone, the species is often cultivated as a decorative house plant. The aspidistra is exceptionally resistant to drought, poor lighting, temperature fluctuations and neglect. It is characterized, however, by slow growth.

Aspidistra elatior