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Phoenix roebelenii

English name: Pygmy date palm, miniature date palm

Latin name: Phoenix roebelenii

Family: Palm - Arecaceae

Origin: Southeast Asia

The pygmy or miniature date palm grows naturally in northern India, Laos and southern Vietnam. It grows between 2 and 3 metres tall. The surface of the stem resembles the texture of an unripe pineapple; its upper part, below the leaf crown, is covered with brown fibres. The pinnate leaves are 60 to 120 cm. long, and are composed of about 100 leaflets. Each leaflet is 15-25 cm. long and about 1 cm. trick. The flowers are small and yellow, clustered on an inflorescence that grows up to 45 cm. tall. The fruits, about 1 cm. long, are edible. This palm is cultivated in temperate climates as a potted plant.     

Phoenix roebelenii