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Aeonium lindleyii ’Variegata’

English name: Aeonium lindleyii ‘variegata’

Latin name: Aeonium lindleyii ‘Variegata’

Family: Stonecrop/Orpine - Crassulaceae

Origin: Under cultivation at the Palm House

The Aeonium lindleyi is a short, succulent bush or shrub, growing up to 30 cm. in height. The stems branch readily even at the base of the plant, and grow woody with age. The leaves are egg- and diamond-shaped, small, slightly mossy and fleshy. The leaves on the ‘variegata’ cultivar are creamy-white, with irregular colouring. There is a bracteate inflorescence (i.e., from a flowering leaf), from 5 to 8 cm. in diameter, with small yellow flowers.

Aeonium lindleyii ’Variegata’