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Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa

English names: Bredasdorp Gasteria/Keeled Gasteria

Latin name: Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa

Family: Asphodelaceae- Asphodelaceae

Origin: Southern Africa

This gasteria is a succulent plant with a short stem which grows close to the ground. The dark green leaves are fairly thick, juicy and elongated, terminating in a sharp spike. The leaf is covered with white tubercles, arranged on either side. The flower stalk grows up to 60 cm in height, with a bunch of hanging red flowers. The flowers get larger near the stems. The flower shape resembles that of the human stomach, so its generic name in some languages  is derived from the Greek name for the abdomen, gastera. It is a popular, undemanding plant, often cultivated in homes.  

Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa