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Haemanthus albiflos

English name: Paintbrush

Latin name: Haemanthus albiflos

Family: Amaryllids - Amaryllidaceae

Origin: Southern Africa

This plant is a bulbous perennial, with smooth, thick, sometimes glossy leaves, up to 25 cm. long. The leaves may be covered with delicate white hairs. The flowers, growing on a thick stem, are white, folded within an umbel 3 to 5 cm. wide; stamens grow over the flower and the anthers are yellow to orange. The fruits are fleshy berries, ripening to a bright orange or red. The bulbs grow to 8 cm. in diameter; usually half the bulbs grow out from the ground, bright green. The paintbrush, once a popular potted plant, is now grown only occasionally indoors.


Haemanthus albiflos