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Citrus reticulata

English name: Mandarin tree

Latin name: Citrus reticulata

Family: Rue (citrus)- Rutaceae

Origin: South Asia

The mandarin is a large shrub or a small tree with a height of up to 8 metres. The elliptical and lanceolate leaves are smooth along the edges, and grow from short, narrowly winged petioles. They flower in small white bunches. The fruit is a berry with a fairly thin skin and a diameter of 6 to 7 cm., slightly flattened. The fruit may be flavourful, sweet or sweet and sour, depending on the variety. Grown in the wild, the fruits have an unpleasant smell and numerous seeds. They are different from oranges in their size, and in the fact that their skin can be easily separated from the pulp. Apart from its culinary uses, essential oil is extracted from it and it is used in the culinary and perfume industries.

Citrus reticulata