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Pteris cretica var. albolineata

English name: White-striped Cretan brake fern

Latin name: Pteris cretica var. albolineata

Family: Pteridaceae - Pteridaceae

Origin: Europe, Asia, Africa

The Cretan brake fern is distinguished by long leaf petioles and a single, alternate leaf compounds each containing several large leaflets. The leaves are up to 30 cm. long and are of two types: the larger, more raised, spore-bearing leaves, and the smaller, arched and drooping leaves.  The albolineata variety is marked by the green margins on its bright green leaves. The plant produces rhizomes. The sporangia are formed on the edges of the rolled-up leaflets. In climates like Poland’s, this fern is grown as an indoor plant.

Pteris cretica var. albolineata