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Asparagus setaceus

English name: Feathered asparagus fern

Latin name: Asparagus setaceus

Family:  Asparagus - Asparagaceae

Origin: Southern Africa

The feathered asparagus is a perennial with rigid green stems, which may grow to lengths of even several metres. Instead of leaves, the plant grows cladodes to a length of 7 mm. with a diameter of 0.1 mm. The cladoes appear in 15-piece clusters and are densely arranged on the stem, creating a delicate, fern-like  appearance of foliage. From spring to fall, it produces bell-shaped flowers 0.4 cm. in length, turning into a small green berry, which becomes red over time.

This decorative plant is grown mainly to provide green cuttings for flower arrangements, or as a room plant. In Poland, it is often grown in greenhouses.

Asparagus setaceus