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Euphorbia mammillaris Variegata

English name: Indian Corn Cob Cactus

Latin name: Euphorbia mammilaris ‘Variegata’

Family: Spurge/Euphorbia - Euphorbiaceae

Origin: Republic of South Africa

This short-stemmed spurge succulent branches out strongly, creating with age a dense cluster of shoots. In the ‘Variegata’ cluster, the stem is thick, green and white with emerald-coloured  spots, stiff, and ribbed, reaching a length of 20 to 35 cm. and a diameter of 1.5 to 6 cm. The shoots are sparsely coloured with pale-coloured thorns, about one centimetre long. The leaves are inconspicuous, almost invisible. Its small yellow flowers appear on the ends of stems from late winter to early summer. The plant juice has toxic properties, and may cause skin irritation.

Euphorbia mammillaris Variegata