Tourist Route

Underground Tourist Route

At long last, the area under Książ Castle is open to visitors! October 16, 2018, marks a turning point: on this day, the first group of visitors will go into the tunnel that was once dug 50 metres under the Castle.

The  one-and-a-half kilometre underground route will intrigue visitors with its variety of geological and historical curiosities. As they make their way, visitors will discover halls powerfully reinforced with concrete, corridors cut out of the rock face, and the bunker rooms laid out beside them.

The route runs along the terraces (by the area where the alleged underground railway station has been sought), in the direction of the main Castle building. The first half of the route ends where the construction works caved in, at the entrance to the elevator shaft which is now filled in. This shaft was to lead out to the Honorary Courtyard. Visitors will learn about the secrets of the area under Ksiaz Castle, theories about the purpose of the construction, and the tragic fate of the prisoners whose hands hollowed out these tunnels.

The Książ Castle underground area was fortified by durable Portland cement. According to the notes of Adolf Hitler’s favourite architect, Albert Speer, as well as other available documents, it is possible that the tunnels were even twice as extensive as those which are already known about – that is,  3,200 square metres, according to measurements of the concrete brought to the Castle.

Come and explore the underground area of Ksiaz Castle -- one of Poland’s most enigmatic destinations -- and discover what’s has been hidden for over 70 years!

Underground Map

This map shows the underground area, indicating selected rooms as well as the way to the Castle. We ask visitors to bear in mind that going to the underground area involves a descent of about 50 metres (mostly by stairs). Click on the map to enlarge it.



  1. Entrance to the Underground Area
  2. Underground Hall
  3. Area where the alleged railway station has been sought
  4. Bunker technical service rooms
  5. Tectonic fault, and security area
  6. Filled-in elevator shaft
  7. South evacuation passage
  8. North evacuation passage
  9. Underground area exit

----------  Route leading to the underground (about 15 minutes)

  1. Gate Building
  2. Stairs




Important information::

  • The number of groups visiting the underground area on a given date, and the number of places in each group, is limited. We regret that we cannot guarantee that there will be a place at a visitor’s preferred time.
  • Visitors are kindly requested to be at the gathering point (the entrance to the underground area) 15 minutes before the planned tour time. About 15 minutes are required to move from the Gate Building to the underground area. A visitor who is not at the designated place at the given time may not be admitted to the underground area, and the visitor’s ticket will not be refunded.
  • The underground route is not recommended for those who suffer from blood circulation or respiratory difficulties or claustrophobia, or those in an advanced state of pregnancy.
  • It is not possible at this time for those with limited mobility, including those on wheelchairs, to visit the underground area.
  • In view of the high humidity in the areas on this special route, flat, comfortable footwear is required. Visitors are asked not to wear high heels or other footwear that may make it difficult to move about.
  • As the air temperature in the underground area ranges between 6°C a 12°C, visitors should have warm clothing at hand.
  • For safety reasons, children up to the age of 4 may not enter the underground area.
  • Animals may not be taken on the underground visitor route.
  • You are kindly requested to consult the full set of regulations for visiting the underground area, available at www.ksiaz.walbrzych.pl .