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The Larch Hall

The Larch Hall, adjacent to the Ballroom Complex, may be rented only as an additional facility for those renting this complex. The hall’s name comes from the richly sculpted polychrome ceiling, decorated with larch wood. It is the only room in the castle with a small cloister and portal doors. To add to the hall’s exceptional character, there is a Renaissance fireplace finished with sandstone, as well as a large window looking out on the charming Black Courtyard, with its beautifully edged well.

The Larch Hall lends itself brilliantly to further attractions for your guests: it is possible, in this rectangular room, to put on a wonderful buffet meal, create an interesting exhibition or present promotional material for organizers and sponsors.

In history, the room was also known as the Hunters’ Hall, in view of the former castle owners’ hunting trophies, which are presented here. Even the German emperors took part in the hunts organized by Hans Heinrich XI von Hochberg, the castle’s master in the middle of the nineteenth century – a sign of the considerable prestige that this activity held in those days.

Surface area (m²) 71 m2

Room rate

First 5 hours 750 PLN
Further hours 150 PLN

Management Division

Events management division

(Organization of Events/Services Offered)

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays), throughout the year

Przemysław Kuczyński

tel.: +48 74 66 43 829

Dariusz Tracz

tel.: +48 74 66 43 828