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The Maximilian Hall

The two-storey golden Maximilian Hall, the pearl of Książ Castle, is the best-preserved Baroque palace room in Silesia. Its brilliant interior is the work, among others, of the architect Hammerschmidt from nearby Świdnica, the stucco artist Ramellini, the sculptor Schenk and the marbler Provisore. Guests at any event will certainly delight in the fireplace made of black Italian marble, with its rich decorative sculptures of mythological figures, as well as vases featuring the eagle and crown. The scene is made all the more stunning by the light that plays on it, scattered by the mirror hanging above the fireplace.

Also of note is the brilliant ceiling, whose beautiful paintings with mythological themes were the brushwork of the master Felix Anton Scheffler in 1732, presenting Athena’s visit to the seat of the Muses on the  Helicon Mountain. In addition, there are three small balconies which once served as a place for court musicians. Today, the most important and prestigious events take place here, featuring symphony orchestra musicians, pianists, violinists and other performers.

The Maximilian Hall is a unique place, especially for gala celebrations, special anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, grand openings and awards events. It is difficult to imagine more beautiful surroundings; we guarantee that every event in this room will be brilliant and exceptional. The room’s equipment allows us to offer a projection screen, a sound system, cordless microphones and a laptop.

In history: The room owes its name to Konrad Ernest Maximilian, who created not only the Maximilian Hall, but also the entire east or Baroque wing of the castle. Thanks to the reconstruction that took place in the years 1722-1732, the castle no longer had the appearance of a fortification. Now a charming aristocratic residence, it dazzled its visitors (often crowned heads) – and continues to do so.

Surface area (m²) 120 m2

Room type

Wedding Reception Room
VIP Meeting

Room Configuration

Conference 160 people

Room rate

First 45 minutes 2000 PLN
Further 45 minutes 2000 PLN

Management Division

Events management division

(Organization of Events/Services Offered)

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays), throughout the year

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