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Red Terrace

The Red Terrace is beautifully situated in the very centre of the third floor, not far from the George Tower, and is an exceptional place for a coffee break, lunch, or standing buffet, or as an area to relax. The terrace, recently renovated as part of the  modernization of the floor, owes its name to the red sandstone tiles that line its surface.  Behind the restored stone balustrades, a view opens out on the highest castle tower, as well as the charming Black Courtyard, which has its own illumination.

At the customer’s request, we can provide cocktail tables or wicker cafe sets, ensuring that every event organized here will be exceptional.

The terrace illumination also makes it possible for evening events to be organized in the brilliant setting of the castle.

In History: The Red Terrace was named the Children’s Terrace, as it was here where the young masters of the castle played, surrounded by their servants. As the terrace was quiet and peaceful, no one bothered the nobles who gathered here, spending their time in one of the castle’s most exceptional places.

Surface area (m²) 94 m2

Room type

Banquet Room

Room Configuration

Banquet (round) 40 people

Room rate

First 5 hours 3000 PLN
Further hours 300 PLN

Management Division

Events management division

(Organization of Events/Services Offered)

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays), throughout the year

Przemysław Kuczyński

tel.: +48 74 66 43 829

Dariusz Tracz

tel.: +48 74 66 43 828