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Citrus sinensis

English name: Sweet orange

Latin name: Citrus sinensis

Family: Rue (citrus) - Rutaceae

Origin: Southeast Asia

The Chinese orange tree is an evergreen with a rounded crown, not very tall (up to 12 metres). The leaves are elliptical and lanceolate (pointed at either end), leathery and evergreen, with serrated edges; they are mounted on winged petioles.  The flowers, not large, are fragrant and usually white. The fruit is spherical and orange-coloured; its size and flesh colour depend on the variety.

The sweet orange is the most commonly cultivated species of orange plant, taking first place in world production. Its fruits are eaten raw or in processed form, including huge quantities of juice, including that which is mixed with the juice of other fruits. Other orange products include jams and marmalades. Sweet orange juice provides a great deal of Vitamin C. The skin is a source of essential oil used in cosmetics and is used in preparing spirits. Candied orange peelings can be added to cakes and pies.

Citrus sinensis