Flower and Art Festival
“Fairytale of Książ Castle

Flower and Art Festival 
“Fairytale of Książ Castle"”
April 30 to May 3, 2020

Fall in love with a Książ spring! This year, the “Fairytale of Książ Castle” event awakens the Castle, bringing with it new compositions, spellbound inspirations and lively colours. The 32nd anniversary edition of the Festival will be more colourful than ever!

The May Flower and Art Festival is a celebration of spring. Książ Castle welcomes the season in style: with garlands and flowers, beautiful floral arrangements, wonderful artistic presentations, displays of knightly chivalry, court dances and workshops on the art of bonsai.

What further attractions await our guests at the 32nd edition of the Festival?


Floral arrangements

At this year’s exhibition of floral arrangements, a myriad of attractions will represent the awakening of life in movies - The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, Secret Garden. The Castle will welcome a true spring, inspired directly by nature: tree shoots, branches, and especially live plants, multicoloured flowers that reflect gardens and forests.

In the Honorary Courtyard, a floral construction will stand several kilometres high. Passionate about modern floristic techniques, where simple forms lend themselves to modern design, he is sure to enchant us with his display in front of the Castle.

The task of decorating the Castle rooms will be shared by two floristic teams: the Association of Polish Florists (SFP) and the Grajewscy Lower Silesian Flower Centre (also an SFP member). The different styles and conceptions, as well as the atmosphere of friendly competition, will assure visitors of high-quality floral presentations. Which arrangements will capture your hearts? We’ll find out between April 30 and May 3.


Activities for children & family

Knowing the energy of our youngest visitors, we have prepared twice as many activities for them. At special workshops, budding artists will create their own floral compositions under the guidance of masters of the art. There will be twice as many comic performances, this year involving traditional Slavic fairies, water spirits and spells, and a range of other entertainments for children. A castle such as Książ cannot be without its medieval warriors – and throughout the festival, these knights will be camped on the Castle grounds. We have also arranged competitions with sweet prizes from one of the Castle’s leading patrons, the confectioner ZPC Śnieżki. This year, for the first time, children who enter the Castle will be transformed into kings and queens at the “Kącik Małego Odkrywcy Tajemnic” (Little Explorers' Corner) , a corner for young discoverers of secrets. There, they will solve riddles and hear stories from the Castle’s enchanted past.

Accompanying the “Polish spring”, young women will appear in costumes with live flowers – the same who captured the hearts of last year’s visitors. You will be able to meet Princess Daisy herself, as well as Flora, the Castle’s guardian; the great Pan, the god of nature; and the Castle smith. There will be no lack of  dancing and other performances amidst the bubbling laughter and sheer joy of the festival.


National Bonsai and Japanese Armour Exhibition

The colours of the Orient will also be well represented. In the Ballroom, you will be taken on an authentic journey to the Land of the Cherry Blossom: once again, Poland’s largest National Bonsai Exhibition takes place at Książ. It will be complemented by unique exhibitions of Japanese armour and suiseki (expressive natural stone art). Visitors can admire miniature trees – specially brought to our country for the occasion --  discover the beauty hidden in minerals, and take in the detail and colours of Samurai dress. For the first time in the Festival’s history, there will also be a Japanese Forge, a workshop where visitors can see Samurai armour and swords being crafted. Of course, there will be no lack of lectures and demonstrations about bonsai creation, which will be conducted by world-class bonsai artists; for example, those from Korea, Italy, Brazil and Great Britain.


Over 250 exhibitors

Again this year, over 250 exhibitors will present their plants and related products, among them many gardeners, florists, artisans, jewellers and gourmets. Visitors will feast their eyes on a wide range of plants, flower bulbs, small trees, orchids, herbs, ceramics, regional products and artistic works such as paintings, jewellery, decorations, and minerals. There will be no lack of fine wines, as well as honey and other natural products … something for everyone!

For the 32nd time, spring will come to life at Książ Castle. We welcome you from April 30 to May 3 – plan to celebrate the May holidays in Wałbrzych!


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FAQ Flower and Art Festival

Dear visitors,

 Concerned that you enjoy a safe visit to Książ Castle during the thirtieth edition of the Flower and Art Festival, we present the following guidelines, in the form of answers to frequently asked questions.

- How is Festival traffic controlled on the roads leading to Książ?

During the Festival, police and public safety officers will control the roads leading to the Castle. You are asked to pay close attention to road signs and to comply with the instructions of security staff.

All information about parking and bus schedules is available [here]. We also inform you that parking is available during the upcoming festival at the Książ Stallion Stud Farm (passenger cars only) and at the Coach Parking Lot (buses and coaches only). In view of the considerable interest in the Flower and Art Festival, we recommend that all visitors arriving by car use the parking lots by the following supermarkets: Auchan in Wałbrzych and Tesco in Świebodzice, where they can then board special buses to the nearby Festival grounds, leaving every 15 to 30 minutes. These parking lots, especially prepared with our visitors in mind, are free of charge from April 30 to May 3, 2018. This arrangement will allow you to avoid any traffic jams that may arise if the Stallion Stud Farm Car Park is full, and save you valuable time. Further, the Stallion Stud Farm Car Park may be closed in the event of extensive rain.

Visitors arriving on the main road from either Wrocław or Wałbrzych may use turning lanes to reach the Stallion Stud Farm Car Park (exclusively for passenger cars) and the Coach Car Park (exclusively for buses and coaches). Please note that the charge for parking a passenger car is 10 zł. per day, and a coach, 40 zł. On the main highway (National Road 35) leading to Książ, the speed limit is 40 km/h, and it is not allowed to stop or park a car outside of the car parks. Vehicles so parked will be towed! The journey from the car parks to the Castle takes 10 to 15 minutes. Handicapped visitors: see “As a handicapped visitor, how do I get to the Castle?”

In the case of inclement weather, we recommend using the specially designated car parks near the Auchan Shopping Centre, off ul. Wieniawski in Wałbrzych, and at the Tesco Market in Świebodzice. Special Festival buses, operated by the firm Maxpol, leave regularly from Auchan every 15 to 30 minutes, and from Tesco every 30 to 60 minutes. The ticket price is 2.50 zł, and the journey takes 15 minutes. 

- Is it possible to drive directly to the Castle building?

No. During the Festival, this is a restricted zone. The walk to the Castle from the car parks and the nearest bus stops takes from five to ten minutes.

- Where and when may I purchase a ticket?

There are six sales points (kasy biletowe) in front of the gate building, where tickets may be purchased from 9 a.m. To 6 p.m. Please note that there is a single queue to the entrance to the Festival area. We ask you to follow the instructions of security staff. Tickets may also be purchased online, but they must be printed, once they are sent as an attachment to an e mail confirming your purchase. (We also advise those purchasing online to do so early, taking advantage of reduced prices before April 29, 2018.) Those with tickets purchased online are still required to join the queue for ticket control.

- Where may I get information about what is going on on the Festival grounds?

Directly in front of the gate building, there are two information points (marked by the letter "i") where you may receive a map of the Festival grounds and a schedule of events. You may also consult our Facebook page or our website here

- I've a ticket to the Underground tunnels, how I get there?

 The map of route leading to the underground is below. During the Festival of Flowers and Art, one should allow 90 to 120 minutes to tour the Castle, depending on traffic (whether it is a peak time or a holiday). Please plan your visit to the Castle in such a way that you will be at the entrance to the underground at least five minutes before the tour starts (the starting time is on your ticket).

- Where can I use the bathroom?

There are free washrooms on every floor of the Castle, marked on the visitor route. You may also ask the security staff how to get to the nearest washroom. All of the restaurants in the Castle complex have washrooms for their customers, as well. In the areas where no admission ticket is required, we provide you with portable “toi-toi” toilet facilities (2 zł.), located near places where food is served, and continually kept clean for your comfort. At the Coach Car Park, there are also paid container toilets (2 zł.), especially for those waiting for their return bus. “Toi-toi” toilets are available, as well, at the car park at the Książ Stallion Stud Farm.

- We're coming with a child, in a pram. May we enter the Castle with the pram?

Yes, but you will need to leave it at the left-luggage point, which you will find immediately upon entering the Castle building. There are many storeys in the Castle, and so you will need to hold the child in your arms for over an hour. Front child carriers are allowed. There are, of course, places (on the terraces, and directly in front of the Castle) where you may sit and rest. The child may be strapped or unstrapped at the changing table near the porter’s lodge, on the main floor of the Castle. There is access to toilets, marked by arrows on each floor; security staff are also there to help with any question. Discreet natural feeding of infants is allowed, but please ask for information at the porter’s lodge on the ground floor.


- As a hotel guest, how to I drive to my accommodation?

On Festival days, there will be limited vehicle access to the Castle. You are asked to contact the reception at your hotel, where you will be informed as to where to park your vehicle, and how to get to the hotel most directly.

Hotel Książ – hotel@ksiaz.walbrzych.pl, +48 74 66 43 890
Hotel przy Oślej Bramie – oslabrama@mirjan.pl, +48 74 664 92 70
Hotel Zamkowy - recepcja@hotelzamkowy.pl, +48 74 665 41 44

- As a handicapped person, how may I get to the Festival site?

Handicapped persons are advised that parking for them has been set up on the car park nearest to the Festival grounds, belonging to the Książ Stallion Stud Farm (in the area of the historic park gate by the stud farm, about 200 m. from the area where there are small wooden houses). You are asked to go to ul. Piastów Śląskich 1 (cobblestones), and follow the instructions of security staff.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time at 48 74 66 43 834, or 48 74 66 43 872.

We will provide all essential information.

We also wish to point out that, as the Festival draws many people, it may become more difficult to move about the corridors, or to gain access to elevators.

- May I enter the Festival area with a dog?

Only certified guide dogs, such as assistance dogs in harnesses  (detailed rules for bringing guide dogs are set down in the visitor regulations that are available here. Other dogs may not enter.


- As a cyclist, may I travel right to the Castle building?

No. During the Festival period, all traffic is prohibited in the area in front of the Castle. Bicycles must be walked. Ask at the information point, by the sales booths, about where bicycle racks are located.


- May I enter the Festival grounds with a large tourist bag or bike pack?

Yes, as long as it does not present a risk to other visitors or to the facility’s exhibitions. The security staff determines this. They may request you to leave your bag or backpack at the left-luggage point. We ask you to keep small tourist backpacks in front of you (do not wait to be asked). This will make the security staff’s work easier, and help make other guests’ visit more pleasant.


- Having left the tickets-only area, may I return to do shopping, or enjoy a cup of coffee?

No. We ask to you plan carefully, and have coffee or shop before you leave the tickets-only area.


- May we enter the Castle, or the area in front of the Castle, after the Festival opening hours?

No, unless you are exhibitors or a Castle hotel guest.

- Is there a cloakroom in the Castle area?

You may leave your coat free of charge by the main entrance to the Castle. During the Festival period, the Castle visitor route leads through the Castle to the terraces, from which it is necessary to return to the building to recover your effects.

- What items may I not take into the Festival area?

Those carrying tripods and long umbrellas are asked to leave them at the left luggage point while they visit the Castle. The regulations for Castle visits prohibit the carrying of weapons and other unsafe (including noisy) items, and substances that may pose a health risk. It is not possible to bring bicycles, skateboards and such items, apart from wheelchairs. It is forbidden to take photographs in the castle, and particularly with the use of a flash.

More information may be found in the visitor regulations.


- May I bring my own food and beverages into the Festival grounds?

Yes, but we ask that you consume food only in areas outside the main Castle building and terraces. You are encouraged to take advantage of the food and drink sold both within the tickets-only area, and outside of it. There’s something good for everyone!


- May I smoke?

Smoking is prohibited throughout the Castle area. Security staff will escort anyone smoking from the Festival grounds. Further, smoke may lead to the compulsory evacuation of the entire facility, in which case the person responsible will be liable for the related costs.


- How may I return a Festival ticket?

We ask you to contact us at zwiedzanie@ksiaz.walbrzych.pl. We consider each situation individually (please describe the situation that has led you to ask for a refund), and on the basis of a written request, and so it is not possible for you to receive a refund on demand. At the time, we would point out that we are under no obligation to accept the return of tickets purchased for a designated day or period (this is consistent with Article 38, point 12 of the Law on Consumer Rights), and so we urge you to think over your visit carefully before making your purchase.


Szukasz noclegu w Weekend Majowy? Zapraszamy do skorzystania z usług Hotelu Książ!

Hotel Książ stanowi obecnie największą część bazy noclegowej na terenie książańskiego kompleksu zamkowo - parkowego. Obiekt, urokliwie zlokalizowany na przedzamczu majestatycznego Zamku Książ, wznoszącego się na cyplu skalnym na wysokości 395 m n.p.m., kontynuuje tradycje dawnej rezydencji Hochbergów, która pierwotnie pełniła funkcje reprezentacyjne, przyciągając i kusząc „koronowane głowy” Europy niezwykłą aurą oraz magią otaczającą to miejsce.


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Dodatkowe informacje:

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