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Aeonium arboreum

English name: Tree houseleek

Latin name: Aeonium arboreum

Family: Stonecrop/Orpine - Crassulaceae

Origin: Canary Islands

The tree houseleek is a shrubby succulent. In its native habitat, it grows on sunny, rocky mountain slopes, reaching a height of two metres. Under cultivation, it does not grow so tall. The leaves are fleshy, spoon-shaped, and 5 to 15 cm. in length, growing from a rosette at the top of the stem. The lower, older leaves gradually fall off. The flowers are radiant, yellow, and about 2 cm. in diameter. They are numerous, and collect in a large, cone-shaped inflorescence , 30 cm. in length.  The plant emits a milky sap from damaged shoots, which may irritate the skin.  

Aeonium arboreum